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Inspired by the definition of the French noun “flaneur” – an observer of life with a philosophical way of thinking and seeing/feeling, this Parisian inspired UK brand is on a mission to empower us all to embrace slow-living and self care. Flânerie offers a range of elevated essentials in 100% recyclable packaging with PETA approved vegan ingredients. Full transparency with formulations is crucial to the brand – key formula information is clearly printed on the side of the packaging (such as the

From dramatic to natural looks, these are the false eyelashes to have on your radar

If you’re after a “my lashes but better” look, then you’ll love the range from Flicker Lashes. The sister-run brand creates lashes that are comfortable and reliable – the little black dress of false eyelashes, if you will. The 3D criss-cross design works in tandem with your natural lashes to blend in seamlessly, creating subtle volume which gives an instant eye opening effect to flatter all eye shapes. We applied these with the invisible Flicker Lash fix naked adhesive (although the brand also

How To Do Pastel Eyes (Without Looking Like a 2001 Throwback)

The massive Y2K resurgence in fashion and beauty has pretty much dominated social media. Have you seen Tik-Tok lately? It’s no surprise, as every trend eventually gets a second chance (yes, even low rise jeans, Juicy Couture, butterfly print and diamanté encrusted everything). In the beauty world of the bedazzled decade, the tones that adorned our faces were infinitely frosty pastels. The more shimmery, the better. At the peak of the new millennium, light, iridescent-hued tones reigned supreme o

Blondes Warned Their Hair May ‘Fry’ In The Heatwave

Women across the country are stocking up on the last-minute survival essentials with reckless abandon (tower fans, face mists, litre bottles of sparkling water by the bucket load) and, in true British fashion, complaining profusely about our lack of sleep, burnt shoulders and inability to concentrate in the heat. But while most of us are clued up about the importance of protecting our skin, it’s all too easy to neglect our hair in the midst of a heatwave – even though UV rays can be detrimental

11 best lip scrubs for a smoother, softer, plumper pout

Picture the scene – you’ve applied a perfect make-up look and are just finishing off with a bright, on-trend lip colour but – horror – your pout has become all lumps, bumps and flakes. If you can relate to this scenario, it might be time to consider adding an exfoliating product to your lip-care arsenal – especially with summer on the horizon (sunshine is no friend to dehydrated lips). There are various benefits to adding a lip scrub to your routine. Most importantly, an exfoliating product no

Trending: Nostalgic Makeup

You never forget your first one. Lipstick, that is. Mine was by Revlon – a warm-toned cinnamon-brown hue. It was the mid-1990s, and I was a pre-teen who, admittedly, already owned a pretty impressive collection of Estee Lauder GWP items from my Grandmother, a makeup enthusiast herself. However, I was determined to purchase a lip product for myself. So, with my allowance, Toast Of New York found its way into my collection. I mainly only wore it while playing pretend makeovers by myself, but it w

The best under-eye masks that tackle dark circles, bags and wrinkles

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s the case, then what do our sleep-deprived, perpetually exhausted under-eye bags say about us? Exhausted and burnt out are terms that instantly come to mind. But in our defence, our blinkers are put through an exponential amount of work. From staring at spreadsheets for hours on end, to trying to keep them open on a Thursday night during a Netflix binge. Not to mention the plight of incoming hay fever season (joy) and the glorious all

How To Send Under Eye Bags Packing (For Good)

The great eye cream debate is one I’ve been following with great interest. Do they actually work for dark circles, or are they another genius marketing ploy? Turns out, the answer to this much divisive subject is a lot more complicated than meets the eye (no pun intended), with strong arguments weighing in at each side. Our thoughts? The under eye area is probably the most vulnerable, delicate area on the face that is among the first places to show aging – thus, should be treated with TLC. Not

Can You Minimize Your Milia? How To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Bumps

Picture this: you’re applying your morning moisturizer when you spot a cluster of minuscule, pearly white bumps under your eye area. They’re absolutely tiny and seed-like – pretty much invisible to the naked eye. But if you’re like me, you might be acutely aware of them and find them a constant source of irritation. The bumps in question? Meet milia, aka milium cysts or “milk spots.” What are milia? They are bumps created by keratin which has become trapped under the outer layer of the skin, gi

I Hit My 30s And All I Got Was A Melasma Mustache

I was on vacation the first time I laid eyes on it. Scrolling through my photos of sunshine, selfies and blueberry ice cream, I spotted an unwelcome dark shadow above my lip-line. What? I had Jolen-d that shit away a week prior! After some frantic research, I learnt that what I was seeing was actually a common form of pigmentation referred to as melasma (AKA a sun mustache…attractive!). Melasma is a skin condition which causes small patches of discoloration, which typically occur on the face an

A Love Letter To Terracotta Lipstick: The Perfect Fall Shade

MAC’s Powder Kiss range is all about that blurred, toned down finish, and we’re obsessed. Devoted To Chili is a modern take on their classic bestselling Chilli shade, but in a weightless matte formula. The gorgeous spicy brick red shade will take you through fall, winter and beyond. Bite Beauty reformulated their signature cream lipstick last year, making the range completely vegan and certified clean. Their range of shades is also better than ever. Our pick is Harissa – a muted roasted cinnamo

These Are The Celebrity Beauty Brands Worth Your Time (And Money)

To put it bluntly — the celebrity beauty market is absolutely saturated. At this point it’s easy to lose interest in learning about yet another celeb trademark filing (the words “cash grab” come to mind). Another liquid lipstick — groundbreaking! However, remember not so long ago (okay, very long ago) when all we had was Glow by JLo, Fantasy by Britney Spears (my 2006 signature scent, don’t judge) and Jessica Simpson’s range of edible cosmetics? We’ve come a long way from that. Despite our dub

The 5 Best Cry-Proof Liquid Eyeliners

As a highly emotional being who seldom has their shit together and tends to get overwhelmed, I’m partial to having a “moment” or two on a monthly basis. Feeling delicate? Regularly. Having a silent weep on my journey home? Occasionally, I won’t lie. An unintentional sharp comment during a particularly fragile week can send me over the edge, clutching tissues and seeking solace in an empty bathroom cubicle. As you may have guessed, this isn’t the best for maintaining a makeup look throughout the

The Best (and Worst) Things I Learnt From 90s Teen Magazines

orn in 1985, I’m a peak millennial who looks back with rose-tinted glasses on the idyllic years of the ’90s. Nowadays, escapism, to me, is getting lost in a sea of ’90s teen magazines. My collection – consisting of piles upon piles of J-17, Sugar and Bliss – sat neglected in a corner of my childhood bedroom, undisturbed for many years, until I unwillingly moved back in 2013 for a (not so) brief stint due to a turbulent period of anxiety and depression. As an independent woman, finding myself par

Is Caffeinated Skincare Worth The Hype?

Americanos, cold brew, lattes — we’re partial to them all. There’s nothing better to jumpstart the day than a freshly brewed cup of the finest stimulating elixir. But caffeine gets a bad rap. You don’t need to be a healthcare professional to be aware of the multitude of negative effects it can bring, like dehydration, anxiety and insomnia. As such, our favourite morning beverage has become known as more of a vice than an aid — one that we might even have to swap out from time to time. However, d

5 Luxury Products That Have Stayed On My Wishlist in 2020

As a self-confessed makeup lover, I am constantly enamoured by new, shiny, pretty objects to put on my face. Maybe it’s the anticipation and curiosity of finding a new potential holy grail lipstick (muted red please…I’m extremely specific)? Perhaps it’s the excitement that comes with the satisfying click of a brand new compact. Maybe it’s simply scrolling and browsing new releases (it’s a proven method of stress relief, I swear!) Whatever it is, the result is an ever expanding wish list of highl

These Are The Sick Day Beauty Products You Need This Flu Season

Cold and flu season is here, and she’s worse than ever, with COVID-19 still very much a threat. Despite my best efforts in hand sanitation, vitamin-c consumption, downing honey and lemon and covering half my face, wintertime sickness is inevitable for me. As soon as I feel that roughness in my throat, I know that I’m going to have to resign myself to a couple of days quarantined in bed, surrounded by an array of tissues with my nose running like a faucet. Living the dream life. When you’re coop

These Mask-Friendly Makeup Looks Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Who would have predicted that the must have accessory for SS20 would be a face covering? Enter mask friendly makeup. Donning a covering while out and about is just one of the many ways in which we are adapting to the “new normal” (a phrase we have been hearing way too much recently). Being a self-confessed lover of accessories, I’ve already treated myself to a handful of cute face masks (and seriously eyeing up a silk leopard print one next) to distract from missing my signature red lip, which I

Streamline Your Look With These Multitasking Makeup Products

Okay, I admit it: I’ve been a beauty product hoarder for years. In the not so distant past, it was common for my makeup bag to be splitting at the seams. Twice a year I could usually be found frantically refreshing the sale sections of Cult Beauty & Space NK like a maniac. The sight of $10.00 Pat McGrath Lipstick would have me breaking into a sweat, which I attribute to beauty FOMO. Fast forward to today. I’d like to think that I’m slightly more restrained now. Over the last 12 months I’ve conce

5 Products That Smell Like Your Postponed Vacation

By now we’ve all pretty much accepted that our chances of a 2020 summer vacation are slim to none. The pandemic has profoundly changed life as we know it, and that includes travel. And once the industry (eventually) resumes business, the experience is likely to be look different compared to our pre-COVID-19 world. But just because your plans are on hold until 2021 and we’re stuck at home for the foreseeable future doesn’t mean you can’t use a little imagination and envision laying on a Caribbean
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